Results 2017

Cotswold Hills 2017
Winners Burford
Winners Frilford 2017
Studley Wood winners
Winners Huntercombe
Celebrity Day winners
Liz Harris Cup Winners: Rob Tully and Paul Shepherd with 5 Star Events President (centre), Arthur Ball presenting the Cup

Results of the Celebrity Day at Frilford Heath GC, November 2017

Winners: Stephen Southey & Andy Cassettari 46pts (23cb)

Runners up:  David Price & Colin Smith 46pts (21cb), 

3rd Place: Brian Kay and Martin Kay 45pts (cb)

Nearest the Pin: 2nd: Gordon Russell, 6th: Samantha Head, 10th Ken Appleby, 17th : Andy Thomas

Best pair Front 9: Andy Thomas & James Ormrod, Best pair Back 9: Martin Southey & Chris Swinnerton.

Results of Five Star Masters at Huntercombe GC in October 2017

Winners:  Ken Heathcote, Clint Green, Nick Hunt –  81pts

Runners up:Murray Sowerbutts, Geoff Coppock, Ken Appleby  – 78pts

3rd Place: Hans Menzel, Colin Rosser, Martin Lee –  77pts

Nearest the Pin: 1st: Gordon Hewett, 7th: Richard Pineo (Snr), 10th: Martin Lee, 15th: Hans Menzel

Results of Barry Yates Cup at Studley Wood GC, September 2017

Winners: 4-4-2 (Geoff Coppock, Colin Rosser, Mike Rippington, Luke Rippington) – 90pts

Runners up:  The Mitchell Mob (Jim Mitchell, George Howlett, Barry Yates, Jim Elkins 85pts (cb), 

3rd Place: Cube 21  (Martin Southey, Stephen Southey,  Dave Dust, Andy Cassettari) – 85pts (cb)

Nearest the Pin: 4th: Mike Kingswood, 8th: Francis McKenna, 11th  Bill Bingham, 16th Dave Cook

Team places: Best pairs: Murray Sowerbutts & Mark Butler 43pts (cb)

Barry Yates Cup winners: 4-4-2 with L to R: Barry Yates. Colin Rosser, Jim Mitchell (on behalf of main sponsor Ben Moore), Geoff Coppock holding the Cup and Mike Rippington. (Luke Rippington absent)

Results of Richard Pineo Shield at Frilford Heath GC (Blue Course), August 2017

Winners: Scrambled Wrag (Dave Smith; Darrel Middleditch; Andy Gordon; Andy Clifford) 90pts

Runners up: Cube 21 (Alban Bynoe: David Dust; Stephen and Martin Southey) – 89pts 

3rd Place: Midfield Dynamos (Brian Kay; George Kay; Stuart Allen; Steve Styles) – 84pts

Nearest Pin: 3rd : Jessica Otto,  6th: Peter Miles, 13th: David Dust, 16th Tim Glass

Results of Phil Garner Memorial Trophy at Burford GC, June 2017

Winners: Fore Amigo Ball Fighters (Mike White, James and Steve Willingham, and Gary Gower) 94pts 

Runners up: Scrambled Wrag (Darrel Middleditch; Dave Smith; Andy Gordon; Stevie Craig) – 90pts

3rd Place: Old But Bold (Arthur Ball; Chris Kerridge; Bill Bingham; Geoff Mace) 88pts (cb48)

Nearest the Pin: 2nd Clive Brandram,  8th Jim Elkins,  11th Arthur Ball, 15th Bill Bingham 

Results of Liz Harris Cup from Cotswold Hills, May 2017

Winners: Rob Tully & Paul Shepherd -46pts

Runners up: Francis McKenna & Martin Charlton – 44pts,

3rd Place: Darrel Middleditch & Dave Smith – 43pts (CB)

Nearest the Pin: 4th: Bill Bingham, 9th: Jim Elkins, 11th: Tom Govan, 15th : Paul Kourellias

Best Front 9:  Roger Selby & Gordon Halliday – 23pts